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At Harrington Street Preschool we strive to embrace for our children and our families a sense of belonging in the Harrington Street Public School Community.

For our children to enjoy being a child by engaging with the world through play and having the opportunity to engage with educators on the journey to become lifelong learners.

At Harrington Street Preschool our hours of operation are from 9:00 – 3:00pm.

We have 80 children enrolled split into 2 groups, Group 1 and Group 2.

Programs within our preschool

  • Library Day is on every Wednesday where both classes visit the library and listen to a story read by Ms Bastion. Parents and children also have the opportunity to borrow books from the library.
  • Our Buddies Program is held on a fortnightly basis from 2:15-3pm.
    • Tuesday – Group 1 – 4CW split between Blue and Green class.
    • Thursday – Group 2 – 4M split between Pink and Red class.
  • Munch and Move Program is a NSW initiative program to promote healthy eating and fitness. At our preschool we spend 30 mins teaching fundamental movement skills such as kicking, striking, hopping, running etc.
  • Educa is an online app that educators in our preschool use to document children’s successes, celebrations what they engage in throughout the day.

Harrington Street Public School Preschool Philosophy


Our Children

We believe each child is a unique and valued individual, bringing with them their diverse life experiences, passions, knowledge, languages and abilities. Every child has the right to feel safe, secure and valued. We recognise our children as confident capable learners who are viewed as decision makers and active participants in their learning.

Our Families 

We value the rich cultural diversity of our families. We will always welcome, listen to, learn from, respect families as their child’s first and most consistent teachers in life. We strive to develop close relationships and strong communication between educators, children and their family to collaborate with families as partners to plan thus providing the best learning opportunities for every child. 

Our Community

We believe in developing real connections within our local community. We value the diversity and multicultural nature of our community which contributes to the preschool program. Connection with external agencies support individual students’ learning and development through a collaborative approach between educators, family and support agency. Community are always welcome as we believe in sharing and opening our doors to others. We support the early childhood profession through mentoring university students who learn from and contribute to our community. 

Our Educators  

Work closely as a team to demonstrate respect for each other and participate together. Educators feel valued and each individual is respected for the contributions they make to the team and the interests and skills they bring to the service. We strongly believe in being co-learners and regularly engage in reflective practice as part of a culture of ongoing improvement. We connect with local networks to pursue ongoing professional development and support to remain current in our practice. 

Our Program

Our play-based program is informed by current early childhood education research and best practice. Our flexible daily routines provide children with opportunities to develop a sense of agency where children’s rights and decisions are recognised. The program builds a foundation for lifelong learning in which programming decisions are shared and take into account each child’s uniqueness, interests, culture and abilities. Through observation and in consultation with families, educators provide a learning program, which reflects both individual and whole group learning. The program provides the foundation for our children make a smooth and successful transition to school. 

Our Learning Environment

Our setting inspires a love of learning by providing interesting, enjoyable experiences in a safe learning environment that supports the development of natural curiosity and creativity as well as age-appropriate challenges. There is a strong child-centred atmosphere throughout the indoor and outdoor learning environments where mutual respect and inclusivity for all is embraced. We provide opportunities for the children to build an understanding of the relationships between the environment and people and how personal decisions can contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. 

Revised and updated by the children, staff, families, community of Harrington Street Public School Preschool July 2021