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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

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2021 classes and staff

Principal: Mrs N Dennaoui (Rel.)

Deputy Principals: Mrs D Wajzer and Mrs K Angus

Instructional Leaders: Ms L Kiely and Mrs L Tao

Curriculum Mentors: Ms M Ciampa (P & K), Ms J Hird (S1), Miss J Angelis (S2), Ms F Mazzetti (S3)


Kindergarten team

  • KA - Ms R Alvis
  • KC - Mrs C Fachetti (M-Th) and Mrs C Whiting (F)
  • KD - Mr M Morris
  • KG - Mrs M Giddeon (Rel. AP)
  • KM - Ms J Manuelle (M-W) and Mrs M Kostas (Thurs-Fri)
  • LaST - Mrs A Smith (M-W) (AP) and Mrs F Hasna (Th-F)

Stage One team

  • 1A - Mrs M Ahmed
  • 1B - Mrs A Mastroieni
  • 1M - Mrs M Misitano
  • 1W - Mrs L Walter
  • 1Z - Miss Z Ida (Rel. AP)
  • 2A - Mrs T Allen
  • 2C - Ms L Choy
  • 2GW- Mrs S Gutierrez (M-W) and Ms H Win (Th-Fri)
  • 2L - Mrs R Lavender
  • 2SP - Ms P Higgins
  • LaST - Mrs T Gynn, Mrs A Norton and Mrs M O'Sullivan

Stage Two team

  • 3A - Mrs M Antovski
  • 3B - Ms A Baccola
  • 3C - Ms C Baker
  • 3ON - Mrs S Becvarovski (M-W) and Mrs T Nikolovski (Th-F)
  • 3T - Mr J Tran
  • 3/4V - Miss J Vo
  • 4I - Mrs T Ignjatovic
  • 4K - Ms V Koodrin (AP)
  • 4M - Mrs H Montague
  • 4W - Ms A Wong
  • LaST - Ms T David and Mrs P Prasad

Stage Three team

  • 4/5N - Miss H Nguyen
  • 5I - Ms A Ianni
  • 5P - Mr T Platt
  • 5R - Ms R Reyes
  • 5/6J - Miss J Meredith
  • 5/6S - Ms S Manderson
  • 5/6M - Ms A Mulligan (AP)
  • 6C - Ms J Chahine
  • 6H - Miss C Huynh
  • 6Y - Miss S Youssef
  • LaST - Ms L Kopec and Mrs D Golub

Support Unit team

  • K/6T - Mrs K Thorley
  • K/6G - Mrs P Gullo (AP)
  • 2/6R - Mrs J Rose 

Community Language team

  • Chinese - Mrs R Zhou and Ms G Chau
  • Vietnamese - Ms B Doan, Mrs P Tran, Mrs T Tran, Mr T Tran, Mrs H Vo
  • Khmer - Ms J Oselli

RFF Team

  • S1 and S3 - Ms K Morris
  • ES1 and S2 - Mr T Tran

COVID Intervention Team

  • Ms N Barahona
  • Mrs D Tran
  • Ms K Teasel


  • SU - Ms L Mai
  • SU - Mrs S White
  • SU - Ms N 
  • Mrs S Steward
  • Mrs V Milenkovic
  • Mr M O'Brien