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From the Principal

Harrington Street Public School Principal Mr John Massard

Welcome to Harrington Street Public School an inclusive and empowering learning community, which fosters confident, creative, caring, curious and collaborative learners.

Harrington Street is dedicated to nurturing the growth of the child, the family and subsequently the community at large.

As a school, we have committed ourselves to developing a culture of lifelong learning. We strive to provide an environment where students are constantly engaged in those activities that foster educationally sound and academically appropriate learning experiences.

Our students are continuously developing important decision-making, critical thinking, technological and communication skills necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Our staff and community have high expectations and aspirations for their children and these are realised through the skill and dedication of our highly qualified teaching staff and are reflected in the quality learning outcomes achieved by our students.

We have a staff body who are committed to working alongside every child supporting them to enrich their learning.

Our school has an extremely proud tradition of providing rich learning opportunities for all students to experience success and value lifelong learning. Harrington Street offers an extensive range of opportunities for all students in sport, public speaking, debating, dance, music, art, community language and environmental initiatives.

Our school is leading the way with innovative teaching and learning methods, embedding technological practices to create relevant, authentic learning experiences and opportunities.

Our incredibly supportive school community values a high level of support from a very active parent body, which works in partnership with staff to provide programs and resources of the highest quality for our students.

In active partnership with the community, Harrington Street Public School is committed to providing a nurturing, safe and dynamic learning environment. Students are empowered to be resilient, collaborative and motivated lifelong learners.

At Harrington Street Public School we are committed to:

  • ensuring every student and staff member is known valued and cared for
  • ensuring that our students develop to their full potential
  • creating a dynamic learning environment
  • providing a sequential and stimulating curriculum
  • promoting a climate which fosters and nurtures respect for self, others and the environment
  • empowering our students to become responsible and independent decision makers
  • ensuring quality teaching and learning
  • enhancing the partnership between the community and school
  • effective professional development for all staff


Significant Programs and Initiatives

The school runs a number of programs to give students additional educational support. These are:

  • Values Education
  • Learning Support Program
  • English as a Second Language Program
  • Speech Therapy Program
  • Wellbeing Program
  • Buddy Program
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Transition Programs
  • Home Reading
  • Student Representative Council
  • Technology Program
  • Community of Schools Concert
  • School Production
  • Band, Choir and Dance Programs
  • Environmental Education Program
  • Before and After School Care
  • Community Liaison Officer

Mrs N Dennaoui