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From the Principal

Harrington Street Public School Principal Mr John Massard

Welcome to Harrington Street Public School, an inclusive and empowering learning community, which fosters confident, creative, caring, curious and collaborative learners. We areĀ dedicated to nurturing the growth of the child, the family and subsequently the community at large.

As a school, we have committed ourselves to developing a culture of lifelong learning. We strive to provide an environment where students are constantly engaged in those activities that foster educationally sound and academically appropriate learning experiences.

Our school is leading the way with innovative teaching and learning methods, embedding technological practices to create relevant, authentic learning experiences and opportunities. Our staff are committed to working alongside every child supporting them to enrich their learning. Harrington Street has a proud history of academic excellence achieving strong student growth and value added results. We offer an extensive range of opportunities for all students in sport, public speaking, debating, dance, music, art, STEM, community language and environmental initiatives. We also offer three classes to support students with intellectual disabilities, a preschool and a composite 5/6 Opportunity Class for high potential and gifted students.

Our incredibly supportive school community values a high level of support from a very active parent body, which works in partnership with staff to provide programs and resources of the highest quality for our students.

Mrs N Dennaoui